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Guide to Tech and IT Information and Internet Services

  1. The Internet and the Law
    1. The legality involved in relation to the internet regarding transactions, interactions between users and internet crimes are clearly stated by each countries judicial system and enforced by each country and by Interpol. Each judicial overseeing body of government and law dictates the rules of the people for use of internet for business, social interactions and for political expression.  Several countries in the world do not allow certain information to pass and is filtered out by software and government officials, or censors. 
    2. When users from one country to the next interact with citizens of other countries, it is imperative that all laws be followed for per citizen.
    3. If business laws are broken regarding the use of the internet, then the offender is subject to the laws of the residing country, where there server resides or subject to international warrants for extradition depending on the severity of the crime.'
    Advancements in Technology
    1. Section 1 of the Guide to Tech and IT Information and Internet Services, serves as a primer to the rest of the guide.  First understanding the parameters within which each user is expected to follow is an important step in the advancement of that technology.  Specifically concerning the devices that are available today, many rely on technology such as passive location tracking that uses military satellites in geosynchronous orbit.  Laws pertaining the use of these satellites and that technology have been updated to disallow the use of said technology without the express consent of the consumer.  Previously, as a default, the technology was being used without consent or knowledge and may have broken the trust that consumers have for passive location tracking software.
    2. Responsible use of the technology by both the consumer and the manufacturer is imperative in continuing to advance computers, tablets, and smartphones.  As this trust continues to grow, more users will allow the technology to be implemented on their tablet pcs and other devices for uses in dating, college courses and other such diversions.  This is an important trust as the consumer is the key driving factor behind the advancement of technology, especially the early adopters of technology that are willing to pay a premium to be one of the first to utilize said technology.
    3. Tablet Pc’s are making an impact, but are an unexpected return to larger devices while also being a reduction in size from a standard laptop.  Early adopters of this technology have predominantly been for business and medical application.
  2. Cloud Hosting and Storage
    1. The current trend in the massive overhaul of known technology is the move towards cloud services.  These services include storage, application sharing, application usage as well as a number of transferring and backup services. 
    3. Cloud servers are an the integral technology in the process of moving new media to a centralized location to better serve the consumer as many retailers are finding.   These services are being utilized by some of the top name retailers in the industry.
    4. The future application of this technology will continue along the same concept of centralization of services.  A consumer will be able to shop at an internet store for music, clothes and even groceries and have the data stored on a cloud server and the material goods delivered to their home.
  3. The Cost of New Technology
    1. New technology is often more expensive so that the manufacturer can determine the demand of the product and set price points appropriately and also to generate revenue to continue to mass produce the product.  As more products are sold and the demand decreases so does the price.  Tablets are currently the latest trend and many consumers are happy to pay the current prices because the alternatives such as laptops and desktops are around the same price and generally provide the same power, speed and application handling.
    2. Devices such as smartphones especially those that are looking for a competitive edge are reducing price points and making deals with cell carriers to provide consumers with the technology on what is best compared to as a layaway program disguised as a two year agreement.  Essentially, those that sign up for a two year service agreement can receive a Smartphone at a discount or completely free.  This is another method in which to implement new technology on a massive scale.
    3. Newer technology, being developed in other regions as well as robotics labs that are making wide use of passive location tracking software are in relation to the development of Androids.  While still robotic, these machines are being developed to help those medically as well as protect human life by replacing a dangerous role to humans with a mechanical counterpart with an operator.
  4. Further Development of the Technology
    1. Android technology is the next step in computers.  Now that the computerized brain has been developed to a rudimentary intelligence stage in comparison to the actual human brain, the technology can be applied to replicating human motion and in some cases, provide actual mobility for a human.  The first Android technology is already being used to connect to spinal columns and provide the ability for paraplegics to walk again.
    2. Other applications for this technology will be found over the next ten years.  While eerily similar to science fiction novels and programs, the actual technology is not that far advanced.  Androids that we know from these types of media are far superior to what is being developed currently, however still very similar to the way that the IBM AI Watson technology is being utilized.
  5. Future Developments to Consumer Tech
    1. The next steps in the advancement of current technologies will be seen in the upgrading of tablet pc technology.  The design will continue to become flatter, have more storage capacity by relying on cloud services and may possibly be a device that can be folded or rolled up as was demonstrated 16 years ago.
    2. Tablet technology will go thru many phases of upgrading speed and reliability and consumers may become annoyed at the rapid pace in which the technology is being developed. First adopters may be overwhelmed by the amount of tablet upgrades that will be necessary to keep up with the trend.  First adopters of this technology should expect a new tablet to be released once every year and eventually one every six months as is being seen in with smartphones currently.

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